CB Radio Guide

CB Radio Guide

CB Radio Introduction

CB Radio or "Citizens Band" Radio has been used as a simple and cost-effective means of communication in the UK since the introduction of the legal 27 MHz frequency band in 1981.

CB can be used by anyone and has a lot to offer all types of users, from truck drivers on the road all day looking for instant travel reports to land-rover owners needing to communicate with fellow motorists whilst 'green-laning',  through to farmers using CB as a business tool, and those using CB as a fun hobby to chat with friends.

All CB Radios we sell come with a minimum of 80 channels (40 UK and 40 European) and most are 'multi-band' allowing you to use them all around Europe. In the UK the 40 UK and 40 EU channels can be used, however when using your CB abroad you just select the appropriate frequency band for the county you are in (please note: licences are required in some countries).

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CB Radio Licences, do I need one in the UK?

The simple answer is 'No, you do not need a licence', Ofcom announced that from the 8th December 2006 CB Radio is legal for use in the UK without licence. Therefore you no longer need to buy a license to use Citizens Band Radio in the United Kingdom.

For more information on Citizens' Band (CB) Radio Spectrum Use - Information & Operation click here.

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CB Radio - Is it legal to talk and drive?

As far as the law is concerned CB radios are not affected by the same regulations as mobile phones. We are not aware of anybody ever being prosecuted for using a CB radio whilst driving (driving without due care and attention is a different thing). As CB uses semi-duplex communication, this is exempt from the mobile phone regulations because the conversation is only one way at a time. Please see the table from the Department for Transports website.

More Information

A Few Recommendations
Thunderpole T-600

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Thunderpole ES5WL

Thunderpole ES5WL£9.99

Thunderpole T-800 - Ex Display

Thunderpole T-800 - Ex Display£64.99   £59.99



  • Easily find information from other CB users and Thunderpole customers. It's free to sign up and join in too.
  • A brief history of Citizens Band Radio & Thunderpole starting in the late 1970's.
  • We have created a CB Radio User Map for you to find local users. Click here to add yourself to the map.
  • Thunderpole on the BBC. In recent years we have featured on various BBC TV and radio programmes promoting CB radio.
  • Ideal for beginners and anyone wanting to know more about CB Radio, antennas, SWR and groundplanes.
  • Thunderpole T-800 is a small compact, user-friendly CB radio with essential features, including AM/FM channels, Multi-band operation with UK, auto-squelch, bright LED display, signal meter and a microphone.