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HamKing DS-3000 Discone Multi Band Antenna
HamKing DS-3000 Discone Multi Band Antenna

Length: 1.54m
Frequency: 144/430/900/1200 MHz

Thunderpole Scan King
Thunderpole Scan King

Frequency RX: 0.5-1500MHz

Thunderpole Euro Stick
Thunderpole Euro Stick

Length: 0.90m

Frequency RX: 25-2000MHz
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  • A compact scanning base antenna with wide band coverage can be mounted outside or in a loft.
  •  Uniden UBC125XLT is a 500 channel handheld radio scanner. It includes Military Aircraft Band, CTCSS/DCS Squelch Modes and Alpha Tagging features.
  • We stock a range of RG58U, RG58CU and RG218 plus red/black power cable & speaker cable for Radio Scanners per meter or roll.
  • The 'Micro Airband' is tuned to receive the Civil Band; Military Band and Air Band frequencies. It is ideal for receiving airband transmissions whilst in a vehicle.
  • We have a range of radio scanner base antenna fittings including T & K wall brackets, interlocking poles, U Bolts, etc.
  • A scanning aerial is made up of several different lengths of antenna, each one designed to pick up a certain band.