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Find out all about us and the history of Thunderpole.



Thunderpole have been part of the CB radio scene since 1982, when we first introduced the Thunderpole I antenna. Since then we have grown to be the UK's leading CB radio specialist.

We now offer a range of over 20 CB radios, over 40 antennas and the largest range of CB radio accessories.

Customer Service

As well as offering you the widest range of CB products at very competitive prices we also pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. Click here to see what our customers are saying about us.

Product Advice

As well as the largest range of quality products and outstanding customer service we are also able to pass on the knowledge and expertise acquired by our staff who have been in the communications industry for over thirty years.  Two of our staff are qualified amateur radio enthusiasts too and their knowledge on this subject is very wide and varied.

We can help you with all aspects of CB radio and 2 way radio, and will help you to choose the radio equipment you need. 


We also have a number of online help pages to guide you through all aspects of CB radio, including; Choosing your CB Radio, Choosing your Antenna, Choosing your Mount, SWR information and Ground Plane Guide.


Distribution Centre

We are able to dispatch your orders quickly and efficiently from our warehouse and distribution centre in Northampton, and as we keep over 4,000 lines in stock we are able to send out most orders out the same day (if ordered before 4pm).

We keep in stock products from the following manufacturers:

Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Intek, Midland, Albrecht, Sirio, Wilson, K-PO, Solarcon, Sirtel, Zetagi, Cobra, TTI, K40, Diamond, Astatic, Team, President, Polmar, Lafayette, Firestik, Hustler, Sadelta, CTE, and of course our own Thunderpole antennas and radios.


It all started with the Thunderpole I antenna way back in 1982. Then the updated and much loved Thunderpole II a couple of years later, which many people still claim was one of the best CB antennas ever made. Then in 1986 came the Thunderpole III, followed by the Thunderpole 2000 at the turn of the millenium and the Thunderpole 4 in 2004.... click here to read on.

A Few Recommendations
Thunderpole T-800 - Ex Display

Thunderpole T-800 - Ex Display£64.99   £59.99



Thunderpole T-600 - Ex Display

Thunderpole T-600 - Ex Display£64.99   £59.99

Thunderpole T-600

Thunderpole T-600£64.99

  • Easily find information from other CB users and Thunderpole customers. It's free to sign up and join in too.
  • A brief history of Citizens Band Radio & Thunderpole starting in the late 1970's.
  • We have created a CB Radio User Map for you to find local users. Click here to add yourself to the map.
  • Thunderpole on the BBC. In recent years we have featured on various BBC TV and radio programmes promoting CB radio.
  • Ideal for beginners and anyone wanting to know more about CB Radio, antennas, SWR and groundplanes.
  • Thunderpole T-800 is a small compact, user-friendly CB radio with essential features, including AM/FM channels, Multi-band operation with UK, auto-squelch, bright LED display, signal meter and a microphone.