Thunderpole T-600 CB Radio

The T-600 gives maximum performance from a mini radio.  Designed to be tiny yet tough, at just over 10cm wide it easily fits in any vehicle to provide simple communications. 

Compact Design

The featherweight T-600 weighs in at 257g but packs a punch with its powerful 4 watt output and full-size fist mic making it just as capable as the biggest of CB's.

Nightlight Buttons

The bright blue LED display and backlit buttons on the T-600 allow you to see it in any vehicle in any light, day or night.  

UK Specification

Like all Thunderpole CB radios, each T-600 comes preset to the UK channels. The 'mode' button gives you instant access to 8 frequency bands which allow use all around Europe.


The high quality electret condenser encased in a full-size handset provides crystal clear audio from the palm of your hand. The three top buttons give you instant access to channel changing, squelch and auto-squelch.

Solid performance

The T-600 is built using a super-strong aluminium chassis, this modern robust design makes this versatile radio ideal for even the most demanding environments.

CB Radio Pack

The T-600 is available in the 'Thunderpole Off-Roader Pack'.  This includes the T-600 radio, choice of antenna, vehicle mount and all cables.  It even comes with a fitted cigarette lighter plug, to help get you up and running as quickly as possible.