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  • Thunderpole T-X CB Radio
  • View our Cable range which includes the highly reliable and low loss RG58U, RG58CU, Mini 8, and RG213 coaxial cables
  • The 'Orbitor HD' is the original Heavy Duty spring coiled baseload CB Antenna from Thunderpole.
  • Thunderpole Silver Rod CB 26-30 MHz AM/FM/SSB Home Antenna


Bringing you the latest radio communication equipment & all accessories.

CB Radio

THUNDERPOLE have the largest UK CB Radio online shop, with the best range of CB Radios, CB Radio Accessories, C.B. Radio Antennas, CB SWR Meters, CB Microphones, CB Antenna Mounts, CB Extension Speakers, CBRadio leads, CB Radio RF adaptors, CB DIN Mounts, CB Power Supply Units. CB Radio is also known as Citizen Band Radio.

We have our own branded CB's including the T-600, T-800, T-2000 and T-3000 CB Radios. We can help you with CB Radio advice... buying a CB Radio, buying a CB Radio Antenna, buying a CB Radio Antenna Mount, in fact any aspect of CB Radio sales. We are the UK's largest wholesale distributor of CB Radio and we looking for new THUNDERPOLE dealers. Contact us to establish your account with us.

2-Way Radios

At THUNDERPOLE we have a huge range of 2-Way Radios and Walkie-Talkies. Whether you are looking for licensed free PMR446 leisure radios, the best entry level Business Two-Way Radios, or high spec digital radio (DMR)  solutions from Motorola or Kenwood, we have got plenty for you to choose from.

Radio Solutions

We also have a extensive range of Amateur Radio equipment and accessories including Mobile Amateur Radio Antennas, Amateur Base Antennas and Ham Radios including Dual Band, 70cm, 2 Meter & 10 Meter Radios. Other radio solutions include Scanners, Marine Radios and Taxi Radios.


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  • Thunderpole T-800, combining value and reliability in a compact CB Radio. Features including AM/FM channels, Multi-band operation with UK, auto-squelch, signal meter and a microphone.
  • Thunderpole Silver Rod CB Radio Base Antenna
  • Thunderpole T-X CB Radio.Ideal for all adventures where communication is required in or out of your vehicle.
  • The 'Orbitor HD' is the original Heavy Duty spring coiled baseload CB Antenna from Thunderpole.
  • We stock a range of high quality, low loss RG58U, RG58CU, Mini 8 and RG213 coaxial cable. This 50 Ohm cable is suitable for mobile radio and base station radio use.
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Customer Feedback


This is my first venture into CBís, I wanted a hand held, so I read lots and lots of product reviews and the Thunderpole T-X always had top reviews. First impressions, it feels very solidly made, display is bright and clear. All functions seem straight forward and I found I didnít need to keep reaching for the manual. NRC really cleans up the audio. Set the SQ using manual setting with the supplied antenna, when I changed to a mag mount I found I needed to change to change to ASQ to SCAN. Not sure about effective range as I have nothing to compare against but so far I am very happy with my purchase.


The Thunderpole T-X is by far the best hand held cb I have ever owned! Infact, I was so impressed, I have told all my friends and clients about it. This radio meets or exceeded all technical specifications from the manufacturer. Great audio, out of this world DSP noise reduction and built to last! Accessories are also built to last, no flimsy connectors or cheap wiring. Top shelf all the way!


The Thunderpole T-X is a superb Handheld CB Transciever that is extremely well built and easy to use straight out of the box.The various buttons and controls are all easy to use with a once only quick read through the supplied instruction manual.It is a very sensitive receiver with superb audio from its internal front speaker with that superb audio being enhanced still further by using the noise reduction (NRC) feature if required.Transmit audio is superb on both AM and FM modes and with the full 4W of power being available the handheld is quite simply perfect for my needs.On top of that Thunderpole always provide top quality service with very quick dispatch of items so I won't deal with anyone else for my radio needs nowadays.

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