High quality, high power Thunderpole CB Radio extension speakers with 3.5mm jack plugs to fit all radios.
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Base CB Antennas

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Thunderpole Excalibur

Thunderpole Excalibur£19.99


Length: 0.94m
Frequency: 26-28MHz

Thunderpole Boomerang

Thunderpole Boomerang£49.99


Length: 2.00m
Frequency: 26-28MHz

Sirio Boomerang W

Sirio Boomerang W£49.99


Length: 2.62m
Frequency: 26.8- 27.6 MHz

Sirio Boomerang A

Sirio Boomerang A£39.99


Length: 3.60m
Frequency: 26.8- 27.6 MHz

Thunderpole Galaxy 5/8

Thunderpole Galaxy 5/8£89.99


Length: 4.35m
Frequency: 26-30MHz

Thunderpole 1/2 Wave

Thunderpole 1/2 Wave£29.99


Length: 5.25m
Frequency: 26-30MHz

Thunderpole 1/2 Wave Hi-Gain

Thunderpole 1/2 Wave Hi-Gain£34.99


Length: 5.25m
Frequency: 26-30MHz

Thunderpole 5

Thunderpole 5£74.99


Length: 5.48m
Frequency: 25-30MHz

Thunderpole Super Dipole 27 MHz  CB Radio Antenna

Thunderpole Super Dipole 27 MHz CB Radio Antenna£24.99


Length: 5.50m
Frequency: 27-30MHz

Sirio Gain Master | 1/2 Wave

Sirio Gain Master | 1/2 Wave£109.99   £94.99

Length: 5.56m
Frequency: 27.2-30MHz

Solarcon Antron 99

Solarcon Antron 99£99.95

Length: 5.60m
Frequency: 26-28MHz

Solarcon IMAX-2000

Solarcon IMAX-2000£139.99

Length: 5.55m
Frequency: 25-28MHz

Thunderpole 5/8 Wave

Thunderpole 5/8 Wave£34.99

Length: 5.65m
Frequency: 26-30MHz

Thunderpole 5/8 Wave Hi-Gain

Thunderpole 5/8 Wave Hi-Gain£39.99


Length: 5.65m
Frequency: 26-30MHz

CTE Spectrum 1600

CTE Spectrum 1600£119.99

Length: 6.20m
Frequency: 26-29MHz

Sirio 827

Sirio 827£119.99

Length: 6.70m
Frequency: 26.4-28.4MHz

Sirio New Tornado 27

Sirio New Tornado 27£89.99

Length: 7.23m
Frequency: 27-30MHz

Sirio Gain Master | 5/8 Wave

Sirio Gain Master | 5/8 Wave£149.99   £144.99


Length: 7.36m
Frequency: 25.5-28MHz

Page 1 of 1:    20 Items

  • The 'Thunderpole 5' is a 5th generation high performance base station antenna. The usable frequency band makes it ideal for use on the CB and 10 metre band as well as DX'ing.
  • The 'Trucker HD' is a small Heavy Duty spring coiled baseload CB Antenna from Thunderpole. Its strengthened connecting parts make it suitable for more demanding applications, such as off-roading.
  • Thunderpole T-800 is a small compact, user-friendly CB radio with essential features, including AM/FM channels, Multi-band operation with UK, auto-squelch, bright LED display, signal meter and a microphone.
  • A guide to help you choose the best CB radio antenna for your set up taking into consideration size, durability and other factors.
  • Here at Thunderpole we have a selection of SWR meters design to help fine tune your radio antenna to its optimum performance. Also available are power meters and matchers.