CB Radio Guide - Choosing your CB Radio

CB Radio Guide

Buying a CB Radio

Thunderpole have the largest selection of C.B. radios in the country, this enables us to cater for every type of CB user, from novice to expert, hobbyists to specialist users.

When choosing a CB radio there are several factors to consider before making your purchase. The main three are: Cost, Size and Features Required

These three factors are explored below.



Buying a CB Radio

1) Cost

Buying a CB radio won't break the bank, most CB's are less than £100, in fact the cheapest is only £59.99. When purchasing a CB radio most people believe that the more expensive the radio the better the range. However this is not true. CB radios in the UK have the same output power (4 watts) so the range mostly depends on which antenna you have it connected to and where it is mounted.

The price difference between CB Radios is generally down to the amount of features available and overall quality of the transmitted and received signals.

Our best selling radio is actually only £64.99 (Thunderpole T-800) yet in many peoples opinion is one of the best CB radios to buy in 2022.

Buying a CB Radio

2) Size

Not all CB radios are the same size, however most are smaller than a car stereo, which is handy as we have a range of DIN mounting kits if you wish to dash mount it in a spare slot in your vehicle, click here for DIN Mounts.

If want to mount your new CB Radio somewhere else in your vehicle you should first find a suitable place to mount it.  However try to remember that the internal speaker is in the bottom of most radios and you might not be able to hear it very well, especially in noisy vehicles. 

The best way around this is to use an external speaker which can be mounted anywhere in a vehicle (all CB's that we sell have an external speaker socket)... click here for external speakers.

3) Features Required

All CB radios have different features, these help you to communicate more easily and efficiently. There are many different features available on a CB radio, from Auto Squelch to Built in SWR Meters. If you are new to CB these names will probably mean nothing to you. However we have a page on this site that explains each of the features in plain English, to get to that page click here. Generally the more expensive the radio the more features it has.

What's in the Box?

All the radios advertised on the Thunderpole website include the actual CB unit, a microphone, a rig (mounting) bracket, a power lead and a built in speaker. CB antennas and CB antenna mounts are available separately, however if you are not sure exactly what you need we sell a range of CB radio packs which include everything you need for a complete CB setup... click here.

Buying a CB Radio

A Few Recommendations
Thunderpole T-600 - Ex Display

Thunderpole T-600 - Ex Display£64.99   £59.99



Thunderpole T-800

Thunderpole T-800£64.99

Thunderpole ES5WL

Thunderpole ES5WL£9.99

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  • Ideal for beginners and anyone wanting to know more about CB Radio, antennas, SWR and groundplanes.
  • Thunderpole T-800 is a small compact, user-friendly CB radio with essential features, including AM/FM channels, Multi-band operation with UK, auto-squelch, bright LED display, signal meter and a microphone.