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Thunderpole Boomerang
Thunderpole BoomerangThunderpole BoomerangThunderpole BoomerangThunderpole Boomerang

Thunderpole Boomerang

Ref:  09040

Price:  £34.99




Thunderpole Boomerang | CB 26-28 MHz AM/FM/SSB Homebase Antenna

The 'Boomerang' is one of the most compact CB homebase antennas available, and yet it still performs exceptionally well and provides wide band coverage.

The total length is only 2 metres, which is much smaller than most base antennas, and this means it can be used in the most compact of spaces. It is ideal for balcony, loft or window mounting.

It comes complete with mounting bracket & clamps and can be mounted outside or in a loft.



I bought one of these recently and thought id set it up today for a laugh ( or so i thought ) got swr of 1.0 from 26.300 to 27.900 compared it with sirio dipole thanks to the help of 30 division ( swl ) and boy was in for a shock. this little bugger gave me signal strength 5-6 from Spain swl only ( bare in mind propagation is terrible just now ) and when clicked to dipole couldn't here a thing. a local station ( about 8 mile away came in 30+ and the dipole only bringing in about 8-9. now iv had a lot of good time with the dipole. but i cant wait till weekend and give this boomerang a go. so far so good. but it does seem to work well for the size of it =D>


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Main Features

  • Power Handling: 100 Watts
  • Length: 2.00m (top 1.40m)
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Frequency: 26-28MHz
  • SWR: 1:1.5
  • Mounting: Pole Bracket
  • Made in Great Britain