2 way radios for schools, colleges and universities

School 2 Way Radios

If you are looking for school radios then you have come to the right place, we probably sell the largest range of 2 way radios for schools, colleges and universities.

NOTE: We accept 'Purchase Orders' from schools (public and private) and can send goods out as soon as you fax or email over your PO (no need to set up an account).

School 2 way radios enable you to:

  • Stay in touch with all school staff (caretakers/janitors, security, maintenance staff, lab technicians, etc.)
  • Talk wirelessly to all staff, wherever they are in the grounds
  • Use features that aren't available on a wired telephone system
  • Talk as long as you want without any call or licence* charges
  • Contact first aiders easily in an emergency
  • Hold school events safely and easily (fetes, sports days, shows, etc.) 

*Licensed school radios are also available, see below.

School radio systems are sometimes called 'School Safe' or 'School Watch' systems, please see below for information on the radios we supply.


License-free School Radio Systems

Most schools require the most cost effective solution for 2 way communications, therefore the licence-free PMR446 radios are ideal for this purpose, as there are no licence or call charges. Popular licence-free radios for schools are the Cobra AM1035 FLT radios at £99.99 per pair, these radios come with high capacity batteries, stand in chargers and a range of up to 8km**

Other popular walkie-talkies for schools include the Motorola XT180 radios at £99.99 a pair, which also come with batteries and chargers.  If you are looking for more heavy duty licence free school or college radios, then the Polmar Wet radios may be more suitable at £119.99 each.

Please note: Licence free radios have a limited output power of 0.5 watts, so the range is more limited than licenced radios, also they share the frequency band with other users, so completely private communications may not be possible.  If a large range is required, or sensitive information needs to be transmitted over the airwaves then we recommend our licenced radios.

** range is dependent on local terrain.

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Licensed School Radio Systems

These radios are more expensive than the licence-free radios, however this generally means that they are more robust and provide private communications on your own specific channel**, they also have a much better range than licence free radios as the maximum output power is 5 watts (as opposed to 0.5 watts). These radios can also be used with a base station 'repeater' that increases the range even more, for schools which require very wide coverage.

Licences are available from Ofcom (from £75 a year), and we can help you apply for this.

Popular licensed radios for schools include the Motorola DP1400, which can be either VHF or UHF. A slightly lower cost option is the Vertex VX-261, or the CRT 7WP which can be programmed to any UHF frequency.

** Licence needs to be applied for from Ofcom, we can help with this and also program your radios to your frequency free of charge.


Digital Licensed School Radio Systems

For the ultimate school radio system we can supply digital licensed radios, these allow features such as 'ultra-clear communication', text messaging and integration into existing telephone systems. Examples of digital school radios available from Thunderpole are Motorola DP1400 and Kenwood TK-D340 Digital.

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If you would like to discuss your requirements for school, college or university radio systems then please email us on sales@thunderpole.co.uk or call our experts on 01604 402403 who will be happy to help.