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Kenwood Desktop Microphone | KMC-9C
 Kenwood Desktop Microphone | KMC-9CKenwood Desktop Microphone | KMC-9C 

Kenwood Desktop Microphone | KMC-9C

Ref:  36KEN-KMC-9C
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Plug Wiring:  Kenwood
Type:  Desktop Microphone

Price:  £84.99




Kenwood Desktop Microphone | KMC-9C

A Desktop Kenwood Microphone for NEXEDGE/DMR/Analogue mobile radios, base stations and repeaters. This control station desktop microphone features a large PTT button with latch, heavy duty construction and a RJ45 Connector.

The Kenwood KMC-9C Mic is compatible with the following radios, base stations and repeaters:

Mobile Radios

NX-700E; NX-700HK; NX-700K; NX-720E; NX-720E dPMR; NX-720GE; NX-720HGK; NX-720HK; NX-740HK; NX-800E; NX-800HK; NX-800HK2; NX-800K; NX-800K2; NX-820E; NX-820E dPMR; NX-820GE; NX-820HGK2; NX-840HK2; NX-900K

TK-7100HM; TK-7100M; TK-7160E; TK-7160HM; TK-7160M; TK-7162E; TK-7180E; TK-7180E MPT; TK-7189E; TK-7189E MPT; TK-7302E; TK-7302HM; TK-7302M; TK-7360E;
TK-7360HM; TK-7360M; TK-8100HM; TK-8100M; TK-8160E; TK-8160HM; TK-8160M; TK-8162E; TK-8180E; TK-8180E MPT; TK-8189E; TK-8189E MPT; TK-8302E; TK-8302HK2; TK-8302M2; TK-8360E; TK-8360HM2; TK-8360M2; TK-D740E; TK-D740HK; TK-D840E; TK-D840HK2

Repeaters/Base Stations

NXR-700E; NXR-710E; NXR-710E dPMR; NXR-710K; NXR-800E; NXR-800E3; NXR-800E4; NXR-800K3; NXR-810E; NXR-810E dPMR; NXR-810K2; NXR-900K

TKR-750E (Version 2); TKR-750K (Version 2); TKR-751E; TKR-850E (Version 2); TKR-850K (Version 2); TKR-850K3 (Version 2); TKR-851E; TKR-851K2; TKR-D710E; TKR-D810E


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Main Features

  • Heavy weighted construction
  • Clear audio
  • Large PTT
  • PTT Latch
  • RJ45 Connector

  • Replacement taxi radio microphones for Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Tait and Vertex PMR Radios.
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  • A range of Thunderpole Taxi Mag Kit 1/4 Wave 165-175 MHz Mobile Taxi Antennas.
  • Kenwood NX-3720 and NX-3820 are adaptable mobile radios that support both NXDN and DMR digital protocols as well as mixed digital & FM analogue operation.
  • Replacement taxi radio microphones for Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Tait and Vertex PMR Radios.
  • The Hytera TM-600 mobile radio delivers reliable analogue communications for desktop or in-vehicle deployments.