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Midland 42 DS
Midland 42 DSMidland 42 DSMidland 42 DSMidland 42 DS

Midland 42 DS

Ref:  01395DS
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Midland 42 DS | CB 27 MHz AM/FM Handheld Transceiver

The Midland 42 DS is an extremely compact CB hand held with over 400 channels allowing you to use it all throughout Europe and now features Digital Squelch (Auto Squelch).

The 42 either runs on 6 x AA batteries, or 8 x AA batteries (depending on the battery pack used) so it can be used in or out of your vehicle. The 8 x AA pack can be used with the included mains charger to recharge 8 x AA cells. A car kit is also included, which allows a vehicle antenna to be used giving you a much greater range.

Midland 42 Adventure Pack (Complete CB Set-Up) - Click Here

Midland Essentials (Leather Case, Batteries, etc) - Click Here 


European channels available for Midland 42 DS


I Italy 40 Ch AM/FM 4 Watts
I2 Italy 34 Ch AM/FM 4 Watts
D Germany 80 Ch FM 4Watts/ 12 Ch Am 1 Watt
D2 Germany 40 Ch FM 4 Watts/ 12 Ch AM 1 Watt
EU Europe 40 Ch FM 4 Watts / 40 Ch AM 1Watt
EC CEPT 40 Ch FM 4 Watts
E Spain 40 Ch AM/FM 4 Watts
F France 40 Ch FM 4 Watts / 40 Ch AM 1 Watt
UK UK 40 Ch Fm 4 Watts UK frequencies
UK UK 40 Ch Fm 4 Watts CEPT frequencies

Included with your Midland 42 DS

  • CB Radio
    CB Radio
  • Rubber Duck Aerial
    Rubber Duck
  • Power Lead
    Car Kit
  • Bolts
    Plug-in Charger
  • Bracket
    Leather Case
  • User Manual
    Battery Case x 2
  • Bracket
    Wrist Strap
  • User Manual
    Belt Clip
  • Bracket
    User Manual

Microphone Wiring

Standard Wired Compatible with Standard Wired Microphones |


Standard Wired 2.5mm & 3.5mm Double Pins


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Main Features

  • Multi Channel Operation
  • 2-Level Transmitter Power (1W, 4W)
  • Display of Channel, Band, Mode, TX Power, Etc.
  • Dual Watch, Scan, EMG, Lock, LCD Backlight
  • Battery indicator
  • Auto / Adjustable squelch
  • 8 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Standard 2-Pin External earpiece-microphone jack
  • Car Kit Adaptor for mobile use
  • Internal Speaker
  • 72 x 40 x 145 (Including Antenna - 320mm)