2-Way Radio Glossary

PMR446 Specifications and Meanings

A useful guide to PMR446 2-way radio specifications help you choose a walkie talkie that best suits your needs.

8 PMR Channels

Operates on all 8 PMR446 Channels.

38 CTCSS Channels

This splits each channel into 38 sub-channels giving you more channel options

83 DCS Channels

This splits each channel into 83 sub-channels giving you even more channel options.

Incoming Call Alert

A call tone signal that can be used to alert other users on the same frequency.

Built in VOX

Voice activated hands-free function. Some units may have 'adjustable' VOX (i.e. sensitivity level setting)

Adjustable Squelch

Allows you to manually adjust the squelch level, i.e. to block out unwanted weak signals.

Scan Function

Allows you to scan for an active channel at the touch of a button

Battery Level Indicator

Indicates level of battery power.

Rechargable Battery Pack

Unit is supplied and powered by a Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack.

Voice Scrambler

Basic inversion scrambling or voice privacy, preventing conversations from being heard by standard PMR446 radios.

PC Programmable

The radio can be reprogrammed via a computer connection.

Backlit LCD Display

Backlit LCD display shows channel number and other icons.


Allows you to store frequently used channels in a memory bank.

Dual Watch

Allows you to monitor 2 channels at once.

Key Lock Function

When activated, provides key pad security eliminating accidental channel change.

Baby Monitor Function

Specially designed baby monitor feature where the radio switches into transmission when a signal/voice is heard.

Standard Wired Speaker /Mic

Unit operates with any VOX / PTT headset with standard wiring. Also check accessories for this symbol.

Super-Flexi Antenna

Antenna flexes without breaking and withstands the demands of an active lifestyle.

Battery Requirement

The type and amount of batteries required to power the unit. Not supplied unless otherwise stated.

Rechargable Battery Pack

Unit is supplied and powered by a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack.


Vibrator Alert for silent use.


Compatible with any Bluetooth applications.

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