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Thunderpole Thunderbolt
Thunderpole ThunderboltThunderpole ThunderboltThunderpole Thunderbolt

Thunderpole Thunderbolt

Ref:  12072
Antenna Fitting:  3/8

Price:  £13.99




Thunderpole Thunderbolt | CB 26-29.7 MHz AM/FM/SSB Mobile Antenna

The aerial covers both Ham and CB bands and ideal for wideband DX'ing.

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Main Features

  • Power Handling:500 Watts
  • Length: 1.20m
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Frequency: 26 - 29.7 MHz
  • SWR: 1:1.5 or below
  • Whip: 17.7ph Stainless Steel
  • Fitting: 3/8 Thread
  • Alan Key Included
  • Made in Great Britain

  • CB Radio Starter Pack, ideal for anyone new to CB, a basic radio and everything you need to get started.
  • The 'Thunderpole 5' is a 5th generation high performance base station antenna. The usable frequency band makes it ideal for use on the CB and 10 metre band as well as DX'ing.
  • Strong CB antenna mount magnets that simply cling onto the steel roof of any vehicle.
  • Thunderpole T-800 is a small compact, user-friendly CB radio with essential features, including AM/FM channels, Multi-band operation with UK, auto-squelch, bright LED display, signal meter and a microphone.
  • We have created a CB Radio User Map for you to find local users. Click here to add yourself to the map.
  • High quality, high power Thunderpole CB Radio extension speakers with 3.5mm jack plugs to fit all radios.