Homebase Scanner Antennas

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Thunderpole Double Discone Desktop

Thunderpole Double Discone Desktop€69.98

Length: 0.78m
Frequency RX: 25 -1300MHz

Thunderpole V-1300 Desktop

Thunderpole V-1300 Desktop€75.81   €61.81

Length 0.95m
Frequency Coverage: 1 -1300MHz

Thunderpole V-1300 - Ex Display

Thunderpole V-1300 - Ex Display€69.98   €58.31

Thunderpole SE1300 Discone

Thunderpole SE1300 Discone€69.98   €55.98

Frequency RX: 25 -1300MHz

Thunderpole Scan King

Thunderpole Scan King€54.53

Frequency RX: 0.5-1500MHz

Thunderpole Scan Desktop

Thunderpole Scan Desktop€46.65   €34.98

Length: 0.93m
Frequency RX: 25 -1300MHz

Thunderpole Euro Stick

Thunderpole Euro Stick€29.15

Length: 0.90m

Frequency RX: 25-2000MHz

Page 1 of 1:    7 Items