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Midland 42
Midland 42Midland 42Midland 42

Midland 42

Ref:  01395
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Midland 42 Multi | CB 27 MHz AM/FM Handheld Transceiver

The Midland 42 Multi is an extremely compact CB hand held with over 400 channels allowing you to use it all throughout Europe.

The 42 either runs on 6 x AA batteries, or 8 x AA batteries (depending on the battery pack used) so it can be used in or out of your vehicle. The 8 x AA pack can be used with the included mains charger to recharge 8 x AA cells. A car kit is also included, which allows a vehicle antenna to be used giving you a much greater range.

Midland 42 Adventure Pack (Complete CB Set-Up) - Click Here

Midland Essentials (Leather Case, Batteries, etc) - Click Here 

European channels available for Midland 42


I Italy 40 Ch AM/FM 4 Watts
I2 Italy 34 Ch AM/FM 4 Watts
D Germany 80 Ch FM 4Watts/ 12 Ch Am 1 Watt
D2 Germany 40 Ch FM 4 Watts/ 12 Ch AM 1 Watt
EU Europe 40 Ch FM 4 Watts / 40 Ch AM 1Watt
EC CEPT 40 Ch FM 4 Watts
E Spain 40 Ch AM/FM 4 Watts
F France 40 Ch FM 4 Watts / 40 Ch AM 1 Watt
UK UK 40 Ch Fm 4 Watts UK frequencies
UK UK 40 Ch Fm 4 Watts CEPT frequencies

Included with your Midland 42

  • CB Radio
    CB Radio
  • Rubber Duck Aerial
    Rubber Duck
  • Power Lead
    Car Kit
  • Bolts
    Plug-in Charger
  • Bracket
    Leather Case
  • User Manual
    Battery Case x 2
  • Bracket
    Wrist Strap
  • User Manual
    Belt Clip
  • Bracket
    User Manual

Microphone Wiring

Standard Wired Compatible with Standard Wired Microphones |


Standard Wired 2.5mm & 3.5mm Double Pins

Main Features

  • Multi Channel Operation
  • 2-Level Transmitter Power (1W, 4W)
  • Display of Channel, Band, Mode, TX Power, Etc.
  • Dual Watch, Scan, EMG, Lock, LCD Backlight
  • Battery indicator
  • Adjustable squelch
  • 8 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Standard 2-Pin External earpiece-microphone jack
  • Car Kit Adaptor for mobile use
  • Internal Speaker
  • 72 x 40 x 145 (Including Antenna - 320mm)