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RG213 U Coaxial Cable | Black
 RG213 U Coaxial Cable | BlackRG213 U Coaxial Cable | Black 

RG213 U Coaxial Cable | Black

Ref:  18040M
Type:  Antenna Cable
Colour:  Black

Price:  £1.99


RG213 U 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable | Black

50 Ohm RG213 coaxial cable is constructed of stranded oxygen free copper conductor, solid polyethylene dielectric, oxygen free copper braid and PVC sheath. It is suitable for base station RF communication where high voltage and low signal loss is required. This low loss cable is much thicker than the standard RG58 so is not suitable for mobile use.

Note: Use 9mm PL259's when attaching to radios and antennas.

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Main Features

  • Stranded OFC conductor
  • Solid PE dielectric
  • OFC braid
  • Supplied in 100m reel with metric cut markers
  • CSA: 3.1mm²
  • Conductor diameter: 7 x 0.75mmØ
  • Conductor material: Stranded OFC
  • Braid: 192 x 0.18mmØ
  • Braid: material OFC
  • Dielectric: 7.25mmØ solid PE
  • Cable : diameter 10.3mmØ
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Capacitance: 100pF/m
  • Velocity factor: 66%
  • Return loss: 5-400MHz 24dB min./100m
  • Return loss: 450-1000MHz 20dB min./100m
  • Return loss: 1000-2150MHz 16dB min./100m
  • Attenuation @ 10MHz: 4.7dB max./100m
  • Attenuation @ 50MHz: 6.8dB max./100m
  • Attenuation @ 100MHz: 9.1dB max./100m
  • Attenuation @ 200MHz: 10.8dB max./100m
  • Attenuation @ 400MHz: 13.9dB max./100m
  • Attenuation @ 860MHz: 24.7dB max./100m
  • Attenuation @ 1000MHz: 75.2dB max./100m
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 16.6kg

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