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Radio Communication Handbook | 12th Edition

Radio Communication Handbook | 12th Edition

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Radio Communication Handbook | 12th Edition

Whether you are an operator who wants to know what goes on 'under the hood', an avid constructor or someone keen to go on learning about electronics and communication radio the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook is the one book you need. With nearly 600,000 words plus 2,000 illustrations and tables crammed into 864 pages it is not only a comprehensive guide to the technical side of amateur radio book it is terrific value too.

This edition of the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook has been thoroughly updated with many expanded features. You will find a completely revised HF Receivers chapter and the Propagation chapter has also been completely rewritten with an eye on improving clarity and understanding. There are new authors for the sections on Practical Microwave Antennas and the Low Frequencies. Based on the popular Homebrew column in RadCom there is a new chapter which follows the design and construction of an HF transceiver, and provides a host of valuable information and circuit ideas. Expanded chapters include Practical VHF-UHF Antennas, The Great Outdoors, Morse and Digital Communications with many other chapters have had new, revised and updated parts. Since the last edition, there has been more use of microcomputers, such as the Raspberry Pi, in amateur radio projects; a new amateur band at 472kHz has also been created. These changes have been incorporated into the relevant chapters. Peter Hart's comparison chart of HF receiver performance has been updated, there's more on optical communications and new datamodes have been included. New readers and old hands alike will find hundreds of pages packed with the distilled knowledge and experience of acknowledged experts on each topic. In amateur radio there is always plenty to learn and this book is the ideal way to expand your knowledge on your favourite activity, or to discover and explore something new.

FREE CD Enclosed with the book there is a fully searchable electronic version of the Handbook in PDF format. You will find many bonus chapters that we couldn't squeeze into the book, samples of other RSGB publications and even a host of useful amateur radio software. If you only ever buy one book on amateur radio the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook should be that book. Whatever you use it for the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook will become a valuable tool that helps you get the very best out of amateur radio.

Book Condition:

NEAR FINE: The book is approaching FINE (or AS NEW) but with a couple of very minor defects or faults.

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