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CRT SS 6900 NV V7
CRT SS 6900 NV V7CRT SS 6900 NV V7CRT SS 6900 NV V7

CRT SS 6900 NV V7

Ref:  01CRT-SS6900V7
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CRT SS 6900 N V | AM/FM/SSB 10/11 Meter Mobile Amateur Transceiver

The 7th generation CRT SS 6900 N V is the latest version of this fully featured amateur radio HF mobile transceiver which is pre-programmed the the 10m amateur band (28.000 - 29.700 Mhz).

New features on Version 7 (CRT SS 6900 N V):


  • RX compander

  • TX Noise Gate

  • Micro type selection : electret or dynamic

  • Program cable connector on the backside

  • Extra ventilation


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Main Features

  • Mode: AM / FM / USB / LSB / CW / PA
  • Frequency range: 28 - 29.7 mHz
  • Power: 12 Watts AM / 40 Watts FM / 35 Watts BLU (adjust level power AM/FM/SSB)
  • Step of increment: 10Hz / 100Hz / 1kHz / 10kHz
  • S-METER: Yes
  • SWR METER: Yes : protection with forbidding TX if TOS to high
  • CLARIFIER: Yes : (multifunction) clarifies the voice in SSB
  • SQUELCH: Yes : elimination of background noise (level adjustment in AM/FM/BLU)
  • ROGER BEEP: Yes : TX beep end
  • RF GAIN: Yes : adjust sensibility on RX
  • MICRO GAIN: Yes : (via menu) adjusts the gain of increasing or decreasing the audio power
  • CTCSS / DCS (encoder/decoder): 38 CTCSS / 104 DCS : digital and analog code to activate repeater like selective tone
  • Filters NB/ANL: Yes : noise filters
  • Filters NB/HI CUT: Yes : noise filters
  • DOUBLE WATCH function: Yes
  • VOX function: Yes : this feature triggers your microphone sound (hands free)
  • TOT function: Yes : time out timer
  • SCAN function: Yes : automatic search of busy channels
  • COMPANDER function: Yes : TX with a clear voice
  • Various functions: Emergency call + Adjust echo (delay&repeat) + Keyboard lock + (+)10 Khz function + CW tone + Protection against to high input voltage&to unfavorable SWR + Squelch level protection + TX Noise Gate
  • Bonus: Microphone type selection : electret or dynamic
  • Mike: UP/DOWN selection + 4 pins plug in front pannel with automatic squelch
  • Display: Display LCD and channel blue + Blue retro lighting
  • Level display: Blue frequencies meter 7 digits + TX frequencies, SWR, power level …
  • Options: Programming cable + software
  • Programmable by software: Yes - Connector on the back of the radio without the need to open
  • Includes: Detachable power cable + fixing bracket + screws + microphone holder + manual in French&English
  • Size: 28 x 26 x 6 cm
  • Weight: 1.85 kgs

Radio Licence

Note: This radio comes setup for the 10 meter amateur band and you need a licence to transmit on this band.

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